Product Review – Zevia

Today, I had a big lazy day.

I went to the gym for 21 days in a row and deserved a little break!

I even discovered a very delicious product while I went for a walk!

Meet Zevia!

A Carbonated Water sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract & packed with natural flavors.

I normally stay away from soda because they are filled with junk & cheap artificial sweeteners, but this one grabbed my attention & it really tasted great.

It is Keto friendly!

Their website is also packed with recipes & I will make sure to take a look at them and add my special touch! 🙂

So far the Black Cherry is my favorite flavor & the cola version (caffeinated) will be useful in the morning when I do not have time to make coffee.

It is definitely not optimal to have a soda while fasting, but Stevia will not break a fast!

Have a great day!

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